Ivan Tennant



Education and Training

BA (Hons), Msc (Urban Regeneration) Bartlett

Professional Experience

Ivan founded Plan Projects in 2002 and was elected an Academician at the Academy of Urbanism in 2012. He oversaw the appointment to the Greater London Authority's Architecture and Urbanism Panel in 2013.

His practice has focussed on how planning at the level of the neighbourhood can do justice to their inherent complexity by observing a careful balance between communities' social, environmental and economic needs. This has led to a deep interest in how local people can enrich spatial planning and the role that cultural initiatives, such as public art, can perform in delivering regeneration outcomes.

Since its foundation, he has expanded the scope of the practice by engendering a research-led culture, through practical experience of working on complex, large scale projects and by drawing on the skills of a highly competent team of associates. With Ivan at its head, Plan has evolved into a multi-skilled practice offering 'place-shaping' services bringing together a range of disciplines including town planning, landscape architecture, community engagement and project evaluation. 

Areas of Expertise

Spatial planning, public art strategies, community engagement and development