Brighton & Hove City Council

Common Room project, 2012


Client Tesimonial

It was very exciting to witness the rapid transformation of an underused and difficult urban back lot into a welcoming and sociable space that became wellused by a wide range of users from the area’s diverse local communities. Theywere able to enjoy somewhere to rest, socialise, play, access free wi-fi, play table tennis (incredibly popular) and engage in other informal leisure opportunities.

The various forms of anti-social behaviour that previously characterised the area were either not witnessed or largely curtailed during the two week experiment.Seeing hordes of happy children running around and playing in the space after school was particularly rewarding. Many commented that it was the first time that their children had ever used the space.

The undoubted success of the two week trial justified the judges’ decision to award the pilot project contract to the Common Room proposal, which has addressed head-on a wide range of social issues and informal leisure needs in the area. The pilot project has provided the council with a robust and proven basis for taking forward a permanent place-making solution to this area.

Alan Buck, Planning Projects Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

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