The consultants supporting the Council develop the AAP, Plan Projects, have carried out some initial research using a mixed research methodology, including analysis of data sets contained within Census 2011 and street interviews with residents. This has enabled the project team to establish an initial understanding of the neighbourhood and the most pressing issues it faces.  This is set out in an ‘Evidence Base Report’.  

This report provides a starting point on the issues the AAP should address, and will be built on through work being done with the Community Panel. Highlights from the study carried out are,

  • Based on forecast population increases and an understanding of macro trends, the quantum of additional dwellings needed by 2025
  • Improvements to the educational infrastructure, including new schools and a modernised library
  • The provision of improved sports and social infrastructure, particularly swimming pools
  • Improved cycling infrastructure to complement the good quality public transport system
  • Upgrades to the public realm, given that pavements and open spaces in local centres are worn out, uneven and in need of repair
  • Tackling the over-abundance of potentially toxic land uses in the area’s local centres, such as betting shops, combined with encouraging a richer mix of community-orientated enterprises
  • Helping stimulate the growth of a stronger more resilient local economy by addressing the lack of  ‘commercial leisure’ infrastructure, such as cafés and pubs;
  • Listening and responding to the powerful and persistent call for better harmony and understanding among the different communities in Stamford Hill.

The full Evidence Base Document can be downloaded under our projects\planning\Stamford Hill Area Action Plan

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