The latest news from the Plan Projects team.

The London Borough of Hackney and Plan Projects received the award for ‘Best Community-led project’ for the work we are doing together on the Area Action Plan for Stamford Hill.
Working closely with Sue Cooke of the Council’s planning team we are part way through a process that puts the various community groups in Stamford Hill at the heart of policy development. 
Conceived as a way of easing tensions within the community and seeking areas of common ground, early in 2015 a ‘Community Panel’ was set up to bring leaders from different groups round a table to discuss the key planning issues, for example new housing.  
Over the course of subsequent months, with the support and supervision of the Panel, a series of ‘community planning workshops’ were delivered, seeking input from residents and businesses in a wider range of different topic areas; subjects included health and well-being as well as the core themes of homes, green space and transport.
This rich and detailed mine of information will allow policy makers to shape policy around about the challenges and priorities the community faces, and place these at the centre of the emerging AAP. 
The AAP is a work in progress and perhaps it is curious the award has been made before completion, however those involved should derive confidence that the London planning community applauds their efforts to heal community divisions and work towards delivering lasting well-being to the people of the north London neighbourhood. 

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