The latest news from the Plan Projects team.

Plan Projects’ and Louis Trevino’s vision for a key public space in Brighton has been realised. 
Plan Projects provided the design blue print, called ‘Common Room,’ for the re-landscaping of Providence Place Gardens and Ann Street in Brighton, a poorly used network of public spaces in one of the city’s most dense neighbourhoods. Common Room sought to bring about its transformation through imaginative architectural and urban design, digital technology and ‘meanwhile’ projects to re-establish community use within what had become a largely abandoned area. Following the success of ‘Common Room,’ the Local Authority worked up detailed designs, with the practice’s support, to deliver the permanent realisation of the project.
The practice sought to pick up on the natural rhythms of life in the city, stitching the area back into community life to create an attractive, functional place with an evening as well as daytime life. At times calm and tranquil, at others alive with movement and activity, the new landscaping prompts social interaction, play and work related activity, facilitating the ‘social’ and ‘optional’ uses so important for public spaces to thrive. 
At its conclusion, the re-design of Providence Place and Ann Street can be seen as a pioneering attempt to restore life to an over-engineered complex of streets, pavements and open spaces through progressive landscape architecture that optimises the cultural potential of the site.

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